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2016 Pumpkin Patch Party

October 17, 2016

Another successful Baessler Homes Homeowner Appreciation Event down in the books! Many Baessler Homeowners joined us this past weekend for the 2nd annual Pumpkin Patch Party. Homeowners along with their children and grandchildren enjoyed decorating pumpkins, festive games, and even cookie decorating. Check out the pictures from the event below. And for even more photos or to download the photos below go to our flicker account https://flic.kr/s/aHskLRB7Yn
















Baessler Homes has a very knowledgeable and caring staff that is eager to provide the best experience for the homeowner. They manage the decision making process to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the decisions that must be made. We were able to get the home that we wanted, where we wanted it, for a price that was right at our budget.

The Jenkins Family | Greeley, CO - Poudre River Ranch