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Our Team

Here to Serve You

We work together for a simple Vision: "To build the most valuable homes in our marketplace." To achieve this goal, we listen carefully to our Homebuyers and stay on top of industry advances. We use this knowledge and our combined experience to continually improve and innovate. For all of us at Baessler Homes, it's an honor to serve our homebuyers, Northern Colorado community, and each other.

Meet The Team

Jamie Baessler

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Bricker

President of Baessler Construction

Tanya Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Gerk

President of Baessler Development

Ryan Barnes

Director of Purchasing

Jay Gardiner

Director of Production

Mike D'Amato

Director of Business Operations

Paul Bartmann

Director of Sales

Krissy Marto

Director of Marketing

Zach Cesar

Director of Land Development

Shannon McDermott

Director of Finance

Mitch Nelson

Entitlement Manager

Michael Valdez

Senior Construction Manager

Rob King

Senior Construction Manager

Ryan Foote

Purchasing Manager

Sean Mahan

Construction Manager

Peter Valdez

Construction Manager

Bryan Flax

Construction Manager

Cheryl Jelinek

Engagement Coordinator

Greg Zinn

Community Sales Manager

Billy Dabney

Community Sales Manager

Annie Collison

Community Sales Manager

Jeremy Love

Community Sales Manager

Jamie Richter

Community Sales Manager

Morgan Edwards

Assistant Marketing Manager & Lead Online Sales Specialist

Kim Klady

Community Service Coordinator

Andrew Cox

Assistant Construction Manager

Jimmy Karlberg

Assistant Construction Manager

Peggy Thomas

Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

Rhonda Chaney

Purchasing Coordinator

Julia Meyer

Accounting Manager

Sarah Kaplan

Transaction Coordinator

Melissa Wheeler

Land Project Manager

Kevin Maj

Drafting Agent

Nathan Sommers

Purchasing Agent

Ken Fries

Homeowner Service Technician

Kalev Kallas

Homeowner Services Technician

Rachelle Britton

Purchasing Assistant

Jerry Gomez

Construction Assistant

Caleb Leonard

Senior IT Technician

Kelsey Wagy

Accounting Coordinator

Nate Taverner

Engagement Manager

Henry "Hank" McDougall

Assistant Construction Manager

Jeff Gehrman

Construction Assistant

Lexie Rogers

Accounting Assistant

Karley Spada

Talent Resources Coordinator

Rich Cummins

Systems Administrator

Crystal Ebito

Director of Talent Resources

Sierra Hupp

Marketing Coordinator

Samantha Smith

First Impression Specialist

They were very detailed, timely, and knowledgeable. The craftsmen and contractors were great. I am very happy with the overall finish and quality of my home. The employees of Baessler were very easy and accommodating to work with.

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