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Why Buy New

Reasons to

Buy New

As the old saying goes, “They don’t build them like they used to", and that’s a good thing! Below are just a few of the many advantages of buying a new construction home versus a previously owned home.


Dependable & Affordable

Given the choice, few of us would ever move into someone else's dream home when we could build our own. When you build your very own home, everything is new - you are the first homeowner to use everything! And the products are even under warranty. New homes use materials and are designed to minimize maintenance and increase energy efficiencies to cut down on your monthly bills. Just think of the cost to replace a roof or a water heater on a used home. All the more reason to buy new - there's no need to worry about the unnecessary expenses associated with used homes. 


More Energy Efficient

We're proud to prioritize attainability when it comes to building and selling our homes, and a big part of that includes creating a cost-effective future for our buyers.  When you purchase an energy-efficient home, not only are you reducing your utility bills but you're contributing to a sustainable future. We think of every detail when it comes to maximizing efficiency for our homebuyers, incorporating features such as double-pane windows for better insulation, LED lighting to minimize energy consumption, and programmable thermostats that adapt to your lifestyle.

Our comprehensive approach to energy and water efficiency translates to real benefits for you. You can look forward to enjoying an average annual savings of up to around $1,250 on utility bills, a significant difference compared to typical used homes.


Modern Designs & Quality Finishes

You don't need to settle for outdated design choices when you can have a modern and stylish interior in your new home. Our in-house Interior Designer offers carefully selected finish packages to cater to your preferences. We prioritize creating a home that suits your lifestyle, with many of our homes showcasing thoughtfully designed open-concept kitchens, comfortable master suites, walk-in closets, and numerous other features. Our commitment to quality shines through in our choice of premium brands such as Moen, LG, and Kwikset for hardware, appliances, and various fixtures throughout our homes.


Safety & Peace Of Mind

New homes are built to code every time to ensure that your home is a safe environment to live in. They undergo rigorous safety checks and have very strict standards. New construction homes are required to include hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which will continue to run even if the battery dies. Older homes can have issues like degrading foundations, faulty electrical wiring, rusty steel plumbing, and more. These issues can cause anything from minor inconveniences from leaks or low water pressure to serious health hazards like electrical fires. With a new home, you can have total peace of mind knowing your family's health and safety will be secure for years to come.


From the Ground Up

With you a new home from Baessler Homes, you will be able to watch your home grow from the ground up! With weekly photo updates and regular walks with the construction team, you will be part of the entire build process. 

Own vs Rent

Buying A Home

  • You are building equity
  • Your home appreciates in value as your neighborhood appreciates
  • Free range to decorate and customize your home
  • Tax Benefits - deduct mortgage interest on federal income taxes
  • Price Stability

Renting A Home

  • Paying your landlord rather than yourself
  • The Landlord is earning money on appreciation rather than you
  • Restrictions on decorations, pets and other freedoms
  • No tax write-offs or incentives
  • Landlord can up your rent at any time, for any reason

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