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8 Interior Design Trends You'll be Seeing in Autumn 2023

August 9, 2023

Step into Autumn 2023 with a fresh perspective on interior design trends that capture the essence of the season. As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, so too do our design sensibilities. This year, the color palettes, design styles, materials, and elements that are taking center stage reflect the depth and warmth of fall. From warm and inviting hues to materials that embrace sustainability, we'll dive into the key trends that are shaping the way we design our living spaces. Whether you're a fan of traditional comfort or seeking a more contemporary flair, there's something here for every design enthusiast looking to update their home with the emerging trends this Autumn.

1. Blending Modern & Vintage Design Styles

Photo: Followtheflow (Shutterstock)

One of the standout trends that's making waves this Autumn is the mix of vintage and modern design styles. This trend mixes vintage pieces with the clean lines of modern spaces, resulting in a blend of old and new. This contrast creates a look that adds character and makes a space feel collected and unique. It's all about blending treasured vintage pieces, like the beautiful antique rug in the bedroom below, into modern spaces. This style lets old and new coexist, adding character and history to your home's contemporary design.

Photo: https://www.luluandgeorgia.com

2. Muted Earth Tones

This year, Autumn introduces a muted earth-tone palette, featuring honey, sage green, terracotta, and sandstone. Each of these earthy colors carries its own charm, creating a sense of balance and warmth within your living space. Honey radiates a welcoming energy, while sage green brings the outdoors in, creating a sense of calm. Terracotta adds a touch of rustic style, and sandstone provides a neutral base that complements any design style. 

Whether you opt for a single dominant shade or combine them for a balanced blend, these muted earth tones offer endless versatility. From walls to furniture and décor, these colors allow you to create a home that truly reflects the feeling of the season.

3. Textured Fabrics

As Autumn unfolds, texture takes the forefront with textured fabrics like velvet and linen stepping into the spotlight, adding depth and dimension to furniture and décor. Velvet offers a luxurious touch, infusing rooms with opulence and comfort, while linen's natural weave brings a lighter breezy feeling that resonates with the season's beauty. Whether it's a plush velvet sofa or a linen throw on a chair, these textured fabrics effortlessly elevate your living spaces, filling your home with a comforting, inviting atmosphere perfect for the season.

4. Woven Décor & Furniture

Image Source: brizmaker

Embrace the earthy charm of woven furniture and décor, a top trend for Autumn 2023. From handwoven chairs to rustic baskets, this style effortlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. These pieces not only add visual appeal but also add another layer of texture into the home. Woven décor is an easy way to help bring a cozy and authentic feel to your space, making it welcoming and comfortable, just like the season itself.

5. Brass Finishes

The warm tone of brass brings a touch of sophistication and charm into your living space.  From sleek kitchen hardware to elegant light fixtures, brass brings a warm and timeless appeal to your living spaces.  The versatility of this trend means it fits into many styles, giving any space a cozy upgrade that complements your living space and adds a cozy charm that aligns perfectly with the feeling of fall.

6. Chunky Knit Accents

Image Source: potterybarn.com

Prepare for the cozy vibes of Autumn with chunky knit décor. From plush pillows to warm blankets and even stylish ottomans, these textured pieces are making a statement. Beyond adding comfort, they bring a relaxed feeling to your home. The oversized knits catch the eye while letting you embrace the season's changing atmosphere. Whether thrown over a couch or nestled in a quiet corner, these chunky knits create a space perfect for unwinding and enjoying the Fall.

7. Statement Lamps

Image Source: westelm.com

Light up your space with statement lamps, a standout trend this Autumn. These aren't just ordinary fixtures; they're eye-catching pieces that add character to your room. From bold geometric shapes to intricate designs, statement lamps don't just illuminate – they create a unique vibe. Whether hanging from the ceiling or on your tables, these lighting choices give your space a touch of style and drama, enhancing the cozy feel of the season.

8. Layered Fabrics

Image Source: westelm.com

This trend encourages you to mix textures and colors by layering fabrics in your home. Think plush cushions piled on sofas, soft throws draped over armchairs, and curtains that frame your windows. By incorporating various fabrics and textiles, you create a living space that's both visually appealing and incredibly inviting. These layers not only add depth but also infuse your space with a sense of comfort, which perfectly captures the feeling of Fall.

From the blend of vintage and modern design styles to the soothing palette of muted earth tones, each trend gives off the feeling of the season. Textured fabrics, woven elements, and statement lighting give your home a sense of balance and warmth, while brass finishes and chunky knit décor add touches of elegance and coziness. Layered fabrics tie it all together, creating a space that feels warm and inviting. As you begin your seasonal design transformation, remember that these trends go beyond decoration, they invite you to create spaces that resonate with your style and celebrate the unique charm of Fall.

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