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Contemporary Style

March 17, 2015

Contemporary style…what exactly is contemporary? That’s a good question for those trying to determine their very own decorating style. Contemporary starts with the idea that less is more, with smooth profiles instead of ornamentation, subtly patterned fabrics in lieu of colorful prints complimented by minimal accessories. Within the contemporary style you will find strong emphasis on line and form. You will see pared-down designs like flat-front cabinets to sleek stainless-steel appliances. Interiors showcase space rather than things. Clean lines   The most distinctive element of contemporize style is line. It’s found in architectural details like high ceilings, bare window and geometric shapes used in wall art and sculpture. Bare spaces become as important as areas filled with objects in this style. Each design element or accessory stands out and is individual and unique. Neutrals, black and white are the main colors in contemporary style with bright and bold colors accenting the décor. Walls are typically painted in basic neutral colors but the style is far from boring. By using bursts of color, the style stays up to date and modern. Even though contemporary style relies on clean lines to capture the style, it is far from uncomfortable. This style lends well to large furniture and fabrics often have natural look found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute and add textural appeal. To capture the style furniture pieces should be simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Exposed legs are often found on chairs and sofas with beds having no skirts. The uncluttered style of contemporary is calming and relaxing giving the feeling of cleanliness. It is soothing and comfortable. Konda  

I love my Baessler Home! It was refreshing not to get up-sold at every meeting we went to. At the design meeting, she only showed us an upgrade if we asked about it. We did not do very many upgrades, but still got a beautiful home. There are many options that were actually included. We chose the smallest/least expensive floor plan and still feel we got the same attention as if we were buying a much more expensive home. Not to mention it was finished right when we expected it to be! Everyone seemed very willing to help throughout the process - they were very proactive in working out the minor hiccups along the way. Overall, very positive experience and would recommend Baessler to anyone!

Briana Sumner | Greeley, CO - The Point at Promontory