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Settling into our new home...

November 2, 2022

Baessler Homes has been building new homes in Northern Colorado for 54 years. This has brought our team so much pride and a sense of purpose to be able to bless families with the greatest gift, a place to call home. Now our team has been blessed with our very own new place to call home! 

Baessler Homes' corporate office is now located at 33105 CR 33, Greeley, CO 80634. 

Since Jamie & Sarah Baessler took over stewardship of the company in 2012, their vision for what this company could be has continued to grow. What this building represents is a culmination of that growth and their growth mindset. Baessler Homes has not only grown in the number of Team Members we employ, but we’ve grown in the number of homes we’ve been able to bless this community with each year, and we’ve grown in the number of dollars we've been able to give back to non-profits around the world.  

This building and homesite hold an exciting future for Baessler Homes. The design offers plenty of space for continued expansion, but it was thoughtful in reflecting our cultural focus on growing relationships. You can see that in the welcoming entry, the cozy nooks throughout the space, to the amazing living room, kitchen, and outdoor patio. 

There has been so much work put into the planning and execution of this building and it could not have been done without the great partners we found in VFLA Architectures + Interiors and Elder Construction. They’ve poured hours of time and energy into this building and we are so grateful for each member of their team. The outcome was well worth it! 

On Tuesday, November 2nd we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony and blessed our new building. As our Engagement Manager, Nate Taverner said  "May everyone that enters in feel the joy of the Lord, may they feel safe and peaceful. Thank you for this incredible space that we get to use to help build houses and further the mission of loving and serving all that you have laid on Jamie and Sarah’s hearts. Help us to use the place for your glory. Help us to love all who come in, on our team, trade partners, and home buyers. Your word says that by wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established, by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. 

We have been wise in our building. And the generations of Baesslers have led this company in your name. May He give us favor, joy, and peaceful blessings as we continue to move forward together in this new space."

To check out the new building - please join us for an Open House, Wednesday, November 16th from 3 pm to 6 pm. 

We love love love Baessler and it’s team! We loved that we weren’t just a number. We were family and so important throughout the whole process. We were valued and so was our home. Throughout our entire process, Billy was amazing. He was kind, transparent, honest, invested, understanding, and fun…we count ourselves blessed to have worked with him. We love that these homes begin with the best of interior designs not the least of what they can offer but the best, from the start. We love that this home fit in our budget but looks like a million bucks!...

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