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Building Hope: Baessler Homes' Impactful Mission Trip to Guatemala

June 30, 2023

At Baessler Homes, we believe in fostering personal growth and making a positive impact beyond the realm of construction. As part of our commitment to love and serve all, a group of team members embarked on a transformative mission trip to Guatemala, led by our dedicated engagement manager, Nate. In this blog post, we delve into Nate's interview, offering a glimpse into the purpose, experiences, and profound impact of Baessler Homes' journey to Guatemala. Join us as we explore the heartwarming stories, challenges overcome, and the enduring connections formed during this remarkable endeavor. Through this mission trip, Baessler Homes exemplifies its core values, demonstrates unwavering dedication to community service, and leaves a lasting legacy of hope in the hearts of those touched by this incredible experience.

1. Can you tell us about the purpose and goals of the mission trip to Guatemala?

At Baessler Homes we are committed to providing Team Members with opportunities to grow in every aspect of their lives. One area that we want to encourage growth and provide a wider perspective is generosity. These Mission trips will further our commitment to live out our Mission to love and serve all. Our desire is to foster spiritual and personal growth for our team members and their families. We will encourage team building and unique relational growth that goes beyond the day to day of working together. Lastly, we want to help our team members connect their daily tasks to a greater impact beyond what we do at Baessler Homes.  

2. What motivated you and your team to choose Guatemala as the destination for this mission trip?

I have had a long standing relationship with a missionary in Guatemala. International missions is an interesting category where it can mean a lot of different things. When we decided to go to the House of Hope it is because it is a trusted organization that is doing incredible things for the Kingdom in Guatemala.  

3. Can you tell us more about House of Hope and the work they do in Guatemala?

The House of Hope is an orphanage started by Justin and Diane Herman. They had a heart for children in Guatemala after going on a mission trip in 2011. They have a desire to care for orphans and show God’s love to abandoned kiddos.  

4. Could you share some highlights or memorable experiences from the trip?

One of the greatest takeaways from the trip was the relationships that were made with the staff at House of Hope. There are obvious language barriers, but I believe that love transcends those. Working side by side for a week, with the same mission, allowed growth of relationship even though we did not  speak the same language.  

5. Can you describe the impact this experience had on you and the team members who participated?

Personal growth – When we put ourselves in uncomfortable positions, we have the opportunity to grow. When we are challenged and meet the challenge, we have a higher view of self and ability. Furthermore, God tends to move in those who step out in faith. All of the team did just that and God rewarded each of us individually.  

Team growth – The lasting bond and connection is inevitable on these trips and is one of the greatest joys! Through working together and debriefing the days together, we form compassion and relationship with one another.  

Accomplishment – We accomplished great things. The physical ability to do things provides encouragement to self and worth. Seeing tangible results is important on these trips.  

6. Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during the construction process? How did you overcome them?

Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot do not exist in Guatemala! It was at times comical how often we said, can we get that with Prime? And at times incredible frustrating that we didn’t have access to what we needed. In building and doing projects, we are used to things in the states that aren’t accessible in Guatemala! We were able to become creative and solve problems, but it is very different!  

7. Were there any cultural or language barriers you had to navigate while working in Guatemala? How did you overcome them?

Two things that stick out the most. The language barrier is real. It is also beautiful to be creative in breaking down that barrier. We were building a building from scratch and working through that language barrier was tough and rewarding.  

8. Were there any unexpected or particularly rewarding moments during the trip?

There was a conversation that one of our team members was able to have with one of the nannies. Our team member spoke Spanish and they talked while folding laundry. She was approachable and offered a listening ear and the nanny opened up completely to her. She was able to hear her story and pray for her. Impacts like these relationships are more valuable than we know.  

9. Can you describe the impact of the mission trip on the local community in Guatemala and the people who will benefit from the new building?

The House of Hope is a smaller orphanage with 21 kiddos. However, there is not enough space for that many. Obviously they are safe, just a little tight. This building will allow for more space and better care for the kiddos.  

We were the first team to come down to the orphanage since Covid. Because of this, there were a lot of little tasks and things that haven’t been done in years. Our IT guru was on the trip and got a lot of stuff hooked up and set up for them. We cleaned out and organized storage, medicine closets and offices for the staff. In addition to a building, these little tasks helped the team out greatly.  

10. How did the mission trip align with the core values and mission of Baessler Homes as a company?

As a company, our mission to love and serve all was lived out every minute of the day. The sacrifice and sweat that our team gave up, showed the love and impact we desired. We define ‘Passion’ as being called to action by an intense desire to be a blessing to our community. This was the core value that we took with us to serve and give everything we had while we were there. It was an incredible example of living our the values of Baessler Homes.  

11. In what ways did this experience change or inspire you personally?

We refer to Baessler Homes as a Kingdom company. This means that we build houses so that we can make an impact on the Kingdom of God. This was an incredible ministry opportunity that didn’t come from the church or a non-profit, but from a marketplace business. We are called by God to do Kingdom things in every aspect of our lives. It can be lived out as much in the workplace as a mission trip.  

12. What lessons or insights did you gain from leading this mission trip?

People are incredible and capable of great things! Our job as leaders is to listen and know our team so that they can be used to their greatest potential. And if you give honor to them and their personhood, they will move mountains and go outside of their comfort zones to serve the mission.  

13. Did the trip inspire any new initiatives or projects within Baessler Homes or among the team members?

Let’s do more! More trips, more service, more team engagement has and will come from this. The framework of perspective has changed for the team that went. The bond that was created is unique. My hearts desire with our team is to create other avenues for these connections.  

14. Can you share any future plans or projects that Baessler Homes has in mind for similar mission trips or community initiatives?

I don’t know if I can besides saying that we are planning to return to Guatemala for another trip in 2024!!  

15. How can individuals or other organizations get involved in supporting Baessler Homes' philanthropic efforts?

I’d love to personally connect with people. We are always looking and doing things with other partners because of the multiplication effect we can have. individuals and companies can start by just doing something like talking to a non-profit that you know or setting up serving opportunities. Leaving the country on a mission trip is one example of impact. We don’t have to leave our community to make an impact. If you want to know details, reach out! We enjoy sharing influence and expertise to grow this in other people and organizations!  

16. What message would you like to convey to others who may be interested in participating in similar mission trips?

Team, please come. If you have some uncomfortable feelings about it, talk to others who went on the trip. It is truly a lifechanging opportunity. These trips tend to impact you more than those we are working with. It is an added benefit!  

17. What lessons did you and the team learn from the mission trip that can be applied to future endeavors?

One of the things that we said from the beginning was that all who were going on the trip needed to be heavy in grace and flexibility. My hope is that this translates back to the team and to their families. Assuming the best in others and giving grace when things fall short is a must in interpersonal relationships. With flexibility, we all need the ability to adjust on the fly and figure out creative solutions when Amazon doesn’t deliver to Guatemala!  

18. If you had the opportunity to lead another mission trip in the future, what would be your main goals or aspirations?

My main goals moving forward is to lift other leaders on the team. I have dreams of multiple trips a year and the only way to do that is multiplication of leaders. We build homes so that we can make an impact in our community and the beyond. The area of mission trips in the future has great potential for the community and for our team members. My hope is that when team members leave our team, they are better for being a part of the team. These trips are one way for that to happen. These trips are a great way for personal growth and interpersonal growth. My goals and aspirations are for the team to grow personally and together and that we could impact the world for the Kingdom of God.

Baessler Homes' mission trip to Guatemala stands as a powerful testament to the company's commitment to love, serve, and make a lasting impact on communities beyond the construction industry. Through the leadership of Nate and the dedicated team members, this transformative journey has brought hope, joy, and meaningful change to the lives of those in Guatemala. The experiences shared, the challenges overcome, and the relationships formed during this mission trip have left a mark on both the team members and the local community. Baessler Homes continues to inspire others to engage in philanthropic efforts and seek opportunities to make a difference, whether locally or globally. As we reflect on this incredible journey, let it serve as a reminder that through compassion, challenges, and embracing the opportunity to serve, we can truly create a better world for all.

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