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Christmas Traditions with the Baessler Team

December 22, 2021

As we get closer to Christmas we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! To celebrate, we wanted to share some of our team members favorite holiday traditions.  

From Kamrin:

My family is very laid back around the Holiday’s. For Christmas we all sleep in, put on our “fat pants” and eat and nap all day! I wouldn’t want it any other way! In the recent years, my dad and I started searching for a family in need in our community and blessing them and their children with gifts for Christmas. This past year we were able to help a family of 8 children and 2 adults receive a Christmas they deserved!

From Kim:

My mom makes a really delicious breakfast casserole that she started making probably when I was 7 or 8. She makes a couple of big pans of it each year for Christmas morning and if she thinks we are all tired of it after all these years, she gets a pretty emphatic reaction that she needs to keep making it. 

From Luis:

During Christmas my mom makes posole and tamales from scratch.

From Annie:

Our family has a lot of Swedish heritage so our traditions are very Swedish for Christmas!  Christmas Eve we have homemade Swedish meatballs and we make Swedish Rye Bread and cookies. 

From Krissy:

My Grandmother LOVES the book, The Polar Express. Every year our family gets together, she hands out ribbon necklaces with one silver jingle bell attached. Before opening gifts, we pass around the book and take turns reading a page. At the end of the book we all jingle our bell to hear the “spirit of Christmas”, as the children do at the end of the book. 

From Lauren:

Our family makes tamales before Christmas eve for Christmas eve dinner and we also love to play spoons on Christmas day. We have a very competitive family, so the spoons game gets very rowdy 😉 

From Ryan:

Fancy dinner on Christmas Eve followed by pajamas and leftovers on Christmas Day!

From Jamie R:

The day after Thanksgiving we always have our “elves” fly into town from the North Pole.. Our kids love waking up in the morning and seeing what the elves are up to that day (it changes every morning as the elves fly back to the North Pole every night to report if the kids were good…)! Each of our kiddos have their own Christmas tree in their room and get to decorate them with their own ornaments and their trees become their nightlights for the season 😊 We always make gingerbread houses, and we make Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve night the kids get to open one gift….. which is always the same thing (Christmas pajamas and a new ornament)… the kids love their Christmas pajamas… I always size up on them because they will wear them year-round 😊 Every Christmas Eve my husband dresses as Santa and sets out the “Santa gifts”, the kids always look forward to catching him on the ring camera Christmas morning and watching the footage of Santa set out their presents…. 

From Julia N:

I love watching my family grow and seeing the wonder of “new” through my four children. We always go visit Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo, and it tends to be a 50/50 hit between the kids. Usually, there’s at least one of them who isn’t enjoying the cold weather. Once we get them a hot chocolate, it tends to go a little better. For food, we always eat whatever my mom cooks for Christmas, so it depends on 1. What she is craving and 2. What is on sale at the store. 

They made our first home buying experience very easy and stress-free.

The Venson Family | Evans, CO - Tuscany