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Getting Ready for Fall

October 1, 2015

Getting your lawn ready for fall is usually the last thing on your mind. School is starting, holidays are coming up and everyday tasks take up all of your time. It’s easy to think, “I’ll take care of my lawn when it turns green again”. In reality, fall is the best time to prepare for that lush green lawn that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. During the fall, your grass is absorbing energy, moisture and nutrients getting ready for the long winter. Experts encourage homeowners to do the following;

  • Keep Mowing-continue to mow thru the fall season, lowering your blade on the last two cuttings
  • Aerate the Soil-provides oxygen, water and allows fertilizer to reach the roots
  • Rake the Leaves-leaving leaves in the yard could smother your grass and cause diseases
                      FALL RAKING
  • Fertilize-this will deliver essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots
  • Fill in Bald Spots-use an all-in-one lawn repair mixture
  • Control Weeds-now is the time to tackle those pesky dandelions
                         DANDELION   Now you have gotten the lawn ready, it’s time to decorate for fall. Here is a HGTV video to jump start your fall decorating ideas.  Check out this great video: http://videos.hgtv.com/video/style-a-front-porch-three-ways-for-fall-0237259   I have also posted lots of gardening ideas for your fall gardens on our Baessler Homes Pinterest account.   Have a great week getting ready for fall!


I love my Baessler Home! It was refreshing not to get up-sold at every meeting we went to. At the design meeting, she only showed us an upgrade if we asked about it. We did not do very many upgrades, but still got a beautiful home. There are many options that were actually included. We chose the smallest/least expensive floor plan and still feel we got the same attention as if we were buying a much more expensive home. Not to mention it was finished right when we expected it to be! Everyone seemed very willing to help throughout the process - they were very proactive in working out the minor hiccups along the way. Overall, very positive experience and would recommend Baessler to anyone!

Briana Sumner | Greeley, CO - The Point at Promontory