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Spring has arrived....almost

April 7, 2015

The beautiful spring like weather we have been experiencing these past few days makes me feel like getting ready for gardening.  Getting your hands in the dirt, nurturing veggies and watching your hard work bloom is so satisfying.  But wait, here in Colorado it is easy to jump the gun and find your garden in ruin in a hurry.  So what  can you do to these warm glorious days in the early stages of spring? In March, if the winter has been dry, it is suggested to drag out the hoses and start watering your trees, shrubs, perennial beds and even your lawn.  Make sure the temperature is above 40 degrees and will stay that way for a few hours.  Remember to drain your hoses, as freezing can occur again. Watering lawn March is also a good time to get your gardening equipment prepared as well.  Sharpen mower blades, clean and sharpen gardening tools, and organize your gardening equipment.  Getting everything prepared will make it easy to start planting when the time comes.   Potting bench                            Clay PotsSharpening blades         Getting your lawn ready for spring and summer starts now with aerating your lawn, leaving the cores on the lawn to break down.  It’s also time to fertalize your lawn if you did not do it in the fall. Lawn Areator Early in the month of April, planting cool season seedlings such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Now is the time to direct-sow peas, radishes, lettuce, salad greens, spinach and onions. If you have planted bulbs in the fall, flowers like daffodils or narcissus. The small crocus sing with, too!  Pansies are hardy for early spring planting, able to withstand cold nights even light frost. Even though it’s early, garden centers around the area will displaying plants and flowers. Purchasing items is tempting.  Go ahead, early spring plants have wintered in warm greenhouses. No planting yet as you may need to move them from outside to inside as a spring winter storm still awaits us. Like to see more tips?  Go to Baessler Homes Pinterest page! Konda      

Home design was my absolute favorite part of the home building process! It was one of the top 3 reasons why we decided to build with Baessler. It is a hobby of mine, and I'm passionate about creating beauty in my home. Baessler (Jamie T. specifically) made my dreams a reality. I loved that there wasn't a request I made that wasn't able to happen. The design options were plenty and diverse in style. I truly didn't have to just settle for something I didn't love! We were impressed with the many included features and felt the upgrades we did were reasonably priced. The finished product is absolutely beautiful! People walk in and comment how my home is such a reflection of me - and that is a compliment to Baessler as much as to me!

The Trygstad Family | Greeley, CO - The Point at Promontory

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