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The Baessler Team's Favorite Christmas Dishes

December 21, 2022

The last days before Christmas are quickly approaching and it's the busiest time of year!  We asked a few members on our team what their favorite holiday dishes are in hopes to share last-minute recipe ideas. The Baessler Homes team has some great taste, so try one out and let us know how you like it!

Annie is the best and I could not imagine this process with out her! When I first walked in to Lupton Village office, Annie never looked at me as too young to buy, she always treated me as a potential buyer. She took my dreams of being a homeowner by the age of 21 and made it happen. She always made sure I was in the loop and updated on the progress of the house! My unit was popular amongst other buyers but Annie was honestly the reason I went under contract that day. I will forever be grateful for Annie and the fact that she made sure I got my dream first home by the age of 21!

The Sianis Family | Fort Lupton, CO - Lupton Village Townhomes