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Tips for Moving

October 25, 2015

You’ve waited for months and now your brand new home is ready to move in. Moving into a new home is exciting but can be very stressful.  Determining what items are essential during your first few nights is important to make the transition as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving across town or across the country here a few tips on packing that can save time and frustration.

  • Pack an overnight bag. Chances are you will be tired when you reach your destination especially after loading and unloading all your possessions. Packing a bag with essential items as if you were traveling away from your home will help.
  • Pack items you will need first in a clear plastic tub. This will include box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, etc.
  • Use Glad Press’n Seal to wrap around drawers creating an instant box instead of packing these items.
  • Keep nuts/bolts and screws in small labeled sandwich bags for items you have taken apart. Tape bags to item.
  • Label boxes. It is not necessary to label items within the box but important to indicate which room they belong
  • Take pictures of the back of electronics so reinstalling the items will be easy.
  • Use pillows/blankets as extra padding
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in same box. It will save time when unpacking
  • Use the right size of box. Small boxes for heavier items. Large boxes for lighter items. Avoid leaving empty spaces in boxes as items will shift during moving.
  • Pack a first night box or two. Include nonperishable food, snacks, sheets, blankets, pillows, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.
  • Pack the truck like a pro!
Whew! You’re packed, you’ve arrived at your new home and started unloading and unpacking.  Those first few nights will seem like chaos, spent looking for necessities.  Here are a few tips for that first night.
  • Set up sleeping areas first. If possible, set up beds with bedding first. Or blow up mattress for the first few nights is essential. It’s draining to try to set up beds after a long day of work and it’s time for sleep.
  • Put up major furniture pieces, this will give you a place to rest and relax.
  • Unpack essential kitchen items. If you are able, prepare dishes before hand that are easily warmed up or deli sandwiches. Use paper plates and plastic utensils.
Remember after unpacking the essentials to survive in your brand new home, the rest of the unpacking can be completed in time. You are going to be in your home a long time.  Take time to enjoy getting to know your new space and discovering the perfect places for all your favorite things. Don’t have a brand new home to move into? Contact our sales team (970)356-6251, to see the many options Baessler Homes has to offer. Happy moving! Konda  

I love my Baessler Home! It was refreshing not to get up-sold at every meeting we went to. At the design meeting, she only showed us an upgrade if we asked about it. We did not do very many upgrades, but still got a beautiful home. There are many options that were actually included. We chose the smallest/least expensive floor plan and still feel we got the same attention as if we were buying a much more expensive home. Not to mention it was finished right when we expected it to be! Everyone seemed very willing to help throughout the process - they were very proactive in working out the minor hiccups along the way. Overall, very positive experience and would recommend Baessler to anyone!

Briana Sumner | Greeley, CO - The Point at Promontory