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Unsurpassed Service

October 13, 2014

When you build a Baessler Home, we provide you with a dedicated, personal point-of-contact representative who will guide you through every part of the home building process. A part of our Concierge Services, this representative ensures that your home building experience is an unbelievable one. Your representative, or Customer Concierge, will be available to personally answer any questions you have throughout the building process. Your Customer Concierge provides 24/7 emergency service needs, handles customer relations and communications, and more. You will also receive a Design Concierge who will aid you in the design process and selection of materials that will make your house a home. You will get 2-3 hours of Customer Design Time with a Renaissance Series Home or 3-5 hours with a Frontier Series Home, depending on the Finish Package that is selected. Additionally, you will also get a personalized website that allows you to monitor your home building experience. Your website will contain such information as the purchase contract, in-progress photos, and more. This level of service is unsurpassed in the home building industry and it shows in the testimonials we have received. "We love it, we absolutely love it," reads one review on our Customer Testimonials page. "This has been an amazing experience. We've had so much help...I couldn't ask for anything better." To get started on building your Baessler Home, explore our Renaissance Series home plans and our Frontier Series home plans. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Baessler Homes has a very knowledgeable and caring staff that is eager to provide the best experience for the homeowner. They manage the decision making process to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the decisions that must be made. We were able to get the home that we wanted, where we wanted it, for a price that was right at our budget.

The Jenkins Family | Greeley, CO - Poudre River Ranch