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What's the Deal with Buying New?

November 10, 2014

Baessler Homes BUYING NEW: Don't settle for a resale when you can buy new! A new home is more affordable than you might think, and our options for customization mean that your new home can be built exactly how you want it. Your house is your home, so make it your own! IT'S ALL IN THE BENEFITS: At Baessler Homes, our custom homes are often the same price as resale while still offering all the benefits of a new home. Even better, you won't have the cost or headache of remodeling your home to suit your needs or replacing broken equipment to make your home livable. Appliances in old homes can often be more costly to replace due to new laws that require they meet current energy efficient standards. With a Baessler new home, you will already know that everything is up to code and to your standards. Be sure to check out our list of vendors for a quick look at whom we use when building a new home. PEACE OF MIND: Get peace of mind with our warranty program. Your Baessler new home will be protected for years to come. Here at Baessler we also offer superior customer service, making sure you are taken care of every step of the home building process. When we set a closing date, we stick to it. You'll receive a daily schedule to hold us accountable and we strive to never have more than ten items on any punch list. CUSTOMIZATION: Perhaps the biggest advantage of all, buying new with Baessler Homes give you the option to customize your home to suit your lifestyle. We've made it our mission to build spectacular homes that can be customized for any budget in any location. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about building your new home with Baessler Homes!

I love my Baessler Home! It was refreshing not to get up-sold at every meeting we went to. At the design meeting, she only showed us an upgrade if we asked about it. We did not do very many upgrades, but still got a beautiful home. There are many options that were actually included. We chose the smallest/least expensive floor plan and still feel we got the same attention as if we were buying a much more expensive home. Not to mention it was finished right when we expected it to be! Everyone seemed very willing to help throughout the process - they were very proactive in working out the minor hiccups along the way. Overall, very positive experience and would recommend Baessler to anyone!

Briana Sumner | Greeley, CO - The Point at Promontory

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