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Why it's Still a Good Time to Buy

August 11, 2022

Now is still a good time to try to claim a home. Especially if you keep your expectations realistic.

“The market for homes is rapidly changing. Buyers can take advantage of the current inventory with less competition in the marketplace lately,” says Dustin Holmberg, vice president of lending for Clearview Federal Credit Union. “If yours is a market that favors buyers right now, you have more flexibility, allowing you time to look for the home you want while also lowering the possibility of a heated bidding war.”

He also points out that “you can lock in a rate now, purchase the home, and refinance in the future if and when rates go lower.”


I am very pleased! I would definitely recommend. They did a very good job on my house. I was very pleased with the process.

Mike Schwindt | Greeley, CO - Tuscany